Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Net Neutrality?

The FAQ on Savetheinternet.com made me think long and hard about what it means to live in a democracy. To me, it has always meant that we have the freedom to pursue our own enterprises and speak out about the things which are important to us. That's part of the reason I began this blog. I wanted to call attention to these wonderful articles, stories and poems written by people who had something to say and would not be silenced, this wonderful creation that connects our thoughts with the thoughts from people all over the globe to spread their ideas and exchange information with like minded individuals and people who oppose what they were saying. The internet was the perfect tool to utilize on my quest to share my knowledge and borrow enlightening information. This beautiful tool has long been referred to as The Great Equalizer, the magnet that draws the world's great minds (and the not so great ones...) into the same room, positions them all around a table where they can serve up their pot-luck dinner of opinions and fight over the last brownie. It draws everyone together and reminds everyone that we're just one big extended family, and its hard not to see the resemblance when we're all together having a debate or a laugh. I have never been so thankful for the amazing gift than I am today, while men (and hopefully a few women) in suits spend their night arguing over what may enter my brain. I choose instead to spread the word about this very important current event. Please use all the power you have to do what you think is right, protect your freedom and your information highway. Arm yourself with facts and decorate yourself with opinions so no one can ignore you.


Blogger Fountain said...

Wow, I love what you said about bringing minds together to one table, great. Just curious, how did you discover my blog?

3:26 pm  

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