Friday, May 26, 2006

Steal This Blog.

About one year ago, I first read Steal This Book, written by the late Abbie Hoffman. This book was extremely entertaining, and was filled with tips on how to commit small crimes and to better your life. Many of these tips were outdated, impractical, or both, but they were definitely worth reading about. The book helped me to understand Mr. Hoffman's actions throughout his lifetime better than any biography I have read about him yet. Its reminds us of the struggle that his generation led and their desire and need to change the world. The tips in the book are not for those who want to reek havoc randomly across the country, or the globe, but for those who're "fighting the good fight" and having trouble paying the bills while they're out picketing and changing minds/the world. Steal This Book puts a guilt trip on anyone who contributed to the society who made such a great mind pretend to be someone he wasn't to protect his freedom and family, and didn't bother to say it was wrong. Abbie did many things that can be judged as unwise but everything he did was done to achieve his ultimate goal of making the world a fair, peaceful, and beautiful place for all the following generations to live a life he couldn't have. He and his colleagues and friends took verbal, physical and emotional beatings for what they believed was right and never stopped trying to change the world. I am inspired by the time, energy, and effort all these men and women gave up willingly and selflessly for all of us. This work of humorous and important literature reminds me of those terrific humans who will never be forgotten for their heroism and generosity.


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