Thursday, May 18, 2006

Not So Questionable Content.

One of my favourite webcomics lately is the magnificant Questionable Content created by Jeph Jacques. It can be found at .

The main focas of the comic are the lives of Martin, Dora, Faye, and various friends, coworkers, and relatives who run in and out of the apartment shared by Martin and Faye, as well as the Coffee Of Doom shop owned and/or managed by Dora. There is a constant flow of new information about the core characters in each comic strip, which appear 5 days a week. Love triangles, Indie Music, complicated pasts, inside jokes, always evolving art work, and vocational angst make up most of the comics. For comic relief, the appearances of Martin's robot/pet, Pintsize (picture), more than sufice. I've been reading this comic for over a year now and its still right up there with checking email on my online to do list. This strip blends realism and strangness to give you a taste of the out of the ordinary and keep things grounded enough to be relatable. It's so easy to become attatched to the characters and become interested in their daily lives, that must be the secret that engaged thousands of readers and helped Jeph achieve his current level of internet and comic book fame. As I'm sure all of his readers do, I wish him happiness and continued comic and artistic sucess.


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